The company is in continuous evolution, but maintains its well-founded philosophy centred on two different but complementary approaches to the aesthetic field:
- DERMOBIO MOLECOLARE® COSMESIS: eubiotic and ortodermic products formulated with 100% plant key ingredients strengthened by the Oxygen-stimulating Molecular Complex.
- AROMATHERAPY AND CHROMOTHERAPY: interact with the entire human organism in order to produce effects on the physical, psychic and energetic side.

The synergistic combination of the two approaches gives rise to the HOLISTIC COSMESIS, a global method that allows to work on the effect, but above all to carry out an efficient prevention on the causes of the blemishes. At the base of the holistic cosmesis proposed by Marzia Clinic there’s the passion and the interest in alternative therapies, natural remedies, Traditional Chinese Medicine and psychosomatic. Marzia Clinic has created the “HOLISTIC METHODS”, a work system that allows the beauty and wellness professionals to reduce and eliminate the superficial skin concern and, at the same time, to heal the inner malaise that is the real cause of the blemish.

The “HOLISTIC METHODS” originate from a very important concept: the skin never lies, but clearly reveals our health condition and lifestyle. Every concern that appears on our skin is actually an inner imbalance related to high peaks of physical and emotional stress, bad habits such as imbalanced diet, abuse of smoke and alcohol etc.




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