As a result of a careful and skillful R&D activity, Marzia Clinic laboratories present the innovative DermoBio Molecolare® THALASSO SONIC line characterized by high concentrations of key ingredients able to reduce the adipose-fibrous tissue, activate lipolysis, drain the exceeding liquids and tone the tissues.

Constant application of these products combined to specific professional treatments enable to:
• Reshape adipocytes on a three-dimensional level with an ultrasounds-like action
• Inhibit the increase of adipose tissue • Restore the correct lipid balance of the skin
• Carry out a toning effect thanks to the osmo-mobilizing properties
• Move infiltrated substances by working on the peripheral microcirculation
• Carry out a remineralizing and draining action thanks to the presence of oligoelements
• Stimulate cellular metabolism

Marine Concentrate

Intensive gel for the…

Thalasso Oil

Specific oil for the…

Sonic Concentrate

Intensive gel for the…

Sonic Cream

Specific cream for the…




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