Marzia Clinic Research&Development laboratories have studied Slim Easy DermoBio Molecolare® line to meet the needs of women and men with localized adiposity on abdomen, hips and thighs, looking for a striking cosmetic treatment with visibly effective results.

The line has been wisely developed for women and men with a sedentary lifestyle, since the key ingredients have been dermatologically tested both on the damages caused by junk food and on subjects who have not modified their daily and food habits.

The active ingredients are able to hasten the process of lipolysis, activate fat mobilization, oppose the accumulation of localized fat and slow down their reappearance. 

The plant extracts and the essential oils stimulate lymphatic circulation, resulting in a draining and depurative action, reducing abdominal bloating, improving the visible look of the cutaneous surface and reshaping the silhouette.

Slimming Concentrate night&day

DermoBio Molecolare® body gel…

Slimming Cream night&day

DermoBio Molecolare® body cream…




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