Preventing, reducing and maintaining programs for the treatment of every skin type. They can be used separately or alternatively as intelligent work protocol to mainly stimulate the skin reactivity. Every program is characterized by a pool of latest generation key ingredients selected to:
- reduce up to 39% in two months deep wrinkles and increase up to 65% in two months skin density;
- increase cutaneous hydration up to 26% in one week;
- protect from the damages caused by UV rays and pollution agents;
- alleviate cutaneous disorders and reduce redness up to 27% after two months;
- restore the skin tone giving brightness: after two months the skin looks 4 years younger.

The line is particularly intended for mature skins and is able to oppose the blemishes that arise with menopause thanks to the following features:
- stimulates cellular metabolism;
- increases the synthesis of proteins;
- recharges the skin with calcium;
- increases skin elasticity and tone;
- prevents the sagging of tissues;
- stimulates the activity of epidermal stem cells.

The combination of Chromotherapy, phytotherapy and high concentrations of key ingredients characterizes Petali di Luce professional products that turn out to be a great source of youth since the very first treatment, for long-lasting and preventing results.

The specific deep modeling Global Face Mass-age technique tones up and stimulates the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue of face, neck, décolleté and inner arms, with revitalizing anti-ageing and detoxifying effects. Stimulates the drainage of exceeding liquids in the eye contour area.

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